The enigmatic South Andes, San Agustin-Tierradentro

11 days - 10 nights
  • Tatacoa Desert, Colombia. Tour with Colombian Highlands
  • Off road on the way to Tatacoa Desert, Huila Colombia
  • Cactus of the Tatacoa Desert, Colombia
  • Represa de Betanía, Colombia Andes del Sur
  • Betanía Dam, Huila Colombia
  • San Agustin Archeological Park, Tour with Colombian Highlands
  • Archeological Park of San Agustín, Colombian Highlands Tours 02
  • Huila, San Agustín Colombia
  • Image of the “Lavatorio de Pies”, San Agustin Colombia- CH
  • San Agustin, Huila Colombia
  • Bridge where you can see the “Lavatorio de PIes” San Agustin, Colombia
  • Sculptures in the archaeological park of San Agustin 03
  • Sculptures in the archaeological park of San Agustin, Colombia
  • Sculptures in the archaeological park of San Agustin, Colombian Highlands
  • Sculptures in the archaeological park of San Agustín
  • Detalle de Esculturas de San Agustin, Colombia, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • San Agustin, Colombia
  • Archeological Park of San Agustin (Unesco site) Colombian Highlands Tours
  • San Agustin Archeological Park, Colombia, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • Tierradentro, Cauca, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • Landscape near San Andes de PIsimbala, Colombia, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • Frailejón in Paramo Ecosistem, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • Landscape of South Andes, Cauca, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • Cauca pueblo Nasa, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • South of Andes, Colombian Highlands Tours
  • Silvia Cauca, Colombian Highlands
  • Mujeres Paeces, Colombian Highlands
  • Market in Silvia Colombia, Colombian Highlands
  • South Andes of Colombia, Colombian Highlands
  • Tour en Silvia Cauca, Colombian Highlands
  • Indigenas Paéces
  • Indigena Paez o Nasa, Colombian Highlands
  • Chiva Colombiana, Silvia Colombia, Colombian Highlands
  • Chiva Colombian, Silvia Colombia

The magical and mysterious Colombian land, where ancestral cultureshad left their print and archeologist from around the world keep investigating about their origins. In this region you can find the cradle of two of the most important Colombian rivers, which produce enormous canyons and a unique land topography.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION: Hotel Bogotá – Popayan/Neiva – Bogotá Hotel or according to its itinerary.

DEPARTURE TIME: 8AM, please be ready to depart 10 minutes before the aforementioned time.


  • Local guides.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Transport and domestic flight from Bogotá – Popayan (Tierradentro, San Agustín, Neiva) – Bogotá
  • Tours and Activities in the area.
  • 2 Nights in Bogotá City.
  • 3 Nights in Popayan.
  • 2 Nights in San Andres de Pisimbala (Tierradentro).
  • 3 Nights in San Agustín.
  • 9 Breakfast, 9 Lunches.
  • First-aid kit and logistics support.

You may of course prolong your stay and visit Nariño, the Patia Canyon, La Cocha Lagoon, the Sibundoy Valley, or Mocoa; also, to the North, you may visit the Tatacoa Desert.

Please feel free to ask our specialists about the best travel combinations or switch sites according to your preferences.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance fees, Guide gratuity. Non-specified expenses in the plan. Bilingual Guide (Additional Cost, options: English & French. Ask for the price).


Please note that any tour must be booked in advance to ensure the availability of guides.
Please contact us by email before making an on-line payment.
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Day 1: Flight from home city to the Bogota airport.

Day 2: If your flight is to Bogota, City Tour in La Candelaria’s Historical Center in the afternonn flight to Popayan.

Day 3: City Tour in its Historical Center of Popayan. Free afternoon to rest or explore the city by yourself.

Day 4: Tour to Silvia to see the market (only Tuesday) or visit some of the other attractions like the Purace National Park, Coconuco Hot Spring, bike tour and others.

Day 5: Transfer to Tierradentro through the Andes mountains, crossing the paramo ecosystem.

Day 6: Tour Tierradentro’s Archeological Park (Unesco Site).

Day 7: Transfer to San Agustin.

Day 8: Tour in San Agustin’s Archeological Park (Unesco Site).

Day 9: Tour to Estrecho del Magdalena or Salto Bordon and other Archeological Sites.

Day 10: Transfer to Neiva Airport. Flight back to Bogota. A night in Bogota and/or departure on previously booked International Flight.

Day 11: Arrival at home country.


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