• It is mandatory to let us know before hand of any existing health issues, physical limitations, phobias or allergies to food and environment.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs is absolutely forbidden right before the start or during the activities offered by Colombian Highlands Tours. These activities include, but are not limited to, horseback riding, hiking on forests and mountains, rappelling, rock and tree climbing, and cave exploration.
  • In case of health issues, hangovers or doubts in regards to a customer’s physical condition that may impair its participation in the tour activities in the safest and securest manner possible, please advise Colombian Highlands Tours as soon as possible in order to cancel the tour reservation.
  • If during a tour a customer, for example, gets altitude sickness while ascending a mountain, or any other unforeseen anomaly presents itself, please give word to the tour guide immediately in order to take preventive measures.
  • We always discourage customers to travel with valuable items or large sums of money. It is safest to bring only what will be used.
  • Frequently check the straps on bags and backpacks, shoelaces, and other belongings, such as purses, wallets, cameras, mobile telephones, sunglasses and more.
  • We encourage a sense of respect and admiration for nature and the surrounding areas during field trips. Should the customer encounter any surprises during the trip, we ask to please stay calm and do not overreact in a way that could disturb the natural area or others. Please remember to use sun block even on cloudy weather. Strong winds may also cause skin burn. Do not forget to bring a jacket and water to be hydrated. Temperatures fluctuate quite rapidly, especially at night and while climbing mountains. In areas with insects please try to use a natural repellent.
  • Should the customer get bitten by a dog, write down the description of the animal. If its owner is present, do get his or her information as well. Go immediately to the nearest medical center and request the medical caretaker to apply proper medicine and vaccinations. Do not ignore this warning. Always seek a doctor’s advice.
  • Never abandon the marked paths. You could get lost. Your footprints may also cause erosion and disturb unique flora and fauna.
  • Never bring back with you plants or animals as souvenirs from a walk. It is prohibited and may cause an imbalance on a fragile ecosystem.
  • Remember that your guide is most experienced and has more knowledge of the route. Please follow the guide’s instructions and recommendations at all times, even more when crossing streams, going down steep hills, or hiking on unsafe conditions and circumstances.

Always be prepared with:

  • Sun block and a proper hat.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunglasses, especially if your eyes are sensitive to the sunlight.
  • Comfortable clothes for walking all day.
  • Warm clothes for night walks and horseback riding.
  • A rain jacket.
  • Another set of clothes to wear while performing activities like caving and waterfalls, or in the event of heavy rain. Also bathing suits for swimming activities.
  • Proper shoes or boots for wet and slippery paths.
  • A backpack to carry your personal items (both your hands should be free).
  • A flashlight is indispensable for nighttime activities and visits to caves.
  • Cameras, mobile telephones, ipods, and other accessories should be stored in their proper cases. Water resistant bags should be available in case of heavy rain.
  • Take only what is recommended and necessary. It will help you avoid excessive weight.
  • In the event of suffering from diabetes, cardiac arrest, asthma, allergies or more, please be prepared with appropriate medicines and a first aid kit. Ask the agency before taking a tour.
  • It is required to get International Insurance. It may be purchased in your home country.
  • Always have the following forms of identification on you: International Health Insurance, EPS, student ID, and Passport. It is mandatory to take these documents with you on every tour.

 Always be prepared for the following during walking activities:

  • Climate conditions that may change at any given time and without previous notice.
  • Getting wet when crossing creeks and rivers or walking on hills, jungle, paths and canyons.
  • The chance to admire, respect and contemplate the natural landscape.
  • The chance to get to know the lifestyle of local farmers, indigenous, cowboys, etc. in Colombia’s countryside.
  • All trash and garbage that you may have with you must be kept until reaching a proper location for its disposal.
  • The chance to marvel in wonder at the culture, history, nature, architecture, archeology and paleontology in this very particular region of the world!

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