Hostel Trail, nice web site with perfect tips to travel in South America

Hostel Trail, nice website with perfect tips to travel in Colombia
Visit the website of Hostel Trail, you can find many option of Hostel and activities to do in all

Ecology, Colombia is mecca for ecotourism in the world !!!

by Oscar Gilède
Due to its embarrassment of natural richness, Colombia is considered to be one of the most mega-diverse countries in the world.
The geological land formation of Colombia

Five Spectacular Places to Camp in Colombia

That’s good to know that we are listed as number one among the top five camping sites in Colombia. Thanks to travelers who visit us constantly for their excellent comments.

POR LOS CAMINOS DE VILLA DE LEYVA. Otra oportunidad que parece queremos dejar pasar!

Por Oscar Gilede M.
Caminos indígenas, reales, veredales, servidumbres, y otros son sin duda un sin número de posibilidades para un verdadero manejo ecoturístico y de este modo seguir posicionando

Things to do in Villa de Leyva, by Lonely Planet

Read what say Lonely Planet about Colombian Highlands
Click here

Reflexionando acerca del Ecoturismo en Villa de Leyva

Por Oscar Gilède
Villa de Leyva ha sido reconocida por muchos años como un centro histórico-cultural de gran importancia turística, sus legados coloniales saltan a la vista y sin lugar a

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