Horse Backriding Surrounding Moniquirá tour

This horseback riding tour is ideal as it spans a short distance 


Sorroundings of Moniquirá´s countryside tour

This small area neighboring Villa de Leyva –only 4.5 miles away, 


Tour Los Olleros de Ráquira – Monasterio de la Candelaria

The town of Raquira produces the most traditional handiwork 


One step to be and Angel, Tour in Sta Sofia

Ecological Hiking Tour through portions of Andean dry jungle dotted with 


On bike for the Vale of Saquenzipa

The surrounding areas of Villa de Leyva are perfect for bicycle tours. 


Horseback Riding to Saquenzipa Valley

A great option to tour through this assorted valley and its many attractions


Historical Center of Villa de Leyva

A stroll through the soothing streets of Villa de Leyva reveal 

Daily Tours

Horse Backriding at Villa de Leyva, Desert (7)

Every day we can organize many different tours especially in Villa de Leyva where our main office it’s located. Please call or visit us in our Hostel and ask for the option to do a private tour or to join a group. For tours in the morning please book a day before until 8PM. For tours in the afternoon we can organize maximum until 11AM.

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