The Great Savannah

About The Great Savannah

POPULATION: 5.7 pop/km²



Touring through this Colombian region is like being transported to a world full of magic, where nature is still found in its most glorious pageantry. Estates, cattle ranches and farms are the heart of life and traditions of the inhabitants of the Savanna –the rangers, true cowboys of these lands. Due to their innate horsemanship and herding abilities, these rangers earn no small amounts of admiration from the travelers that tour these plains. Not only that, but the hardships of their numerous chores and their ancestral fishing and hunting ways are arduous and appealing at the same time. They are a hardy type of people, but simple in their ways and full of warmth.

The plains possess a singularity that differences them from any other Colombian region. A flat physiography alive with thundering rivers, canyons with gallery forests, large areas with rolling hills, and breathtaking lagoons and marshes dotted with Moriche Palms (Mauritia flexuosa) make the Great Savannah an open and delightful site for wildlife spotting.

The enormous amount of wild animals in floodable areas during dry season are a thrill for nature lovers, as it allows the calm inspection of a wonderful display of tropical fauna, Capybara herds, alligators, Spectacled Caimans, wild hogs, deer and a spectacular variety of birds –featuring amongst them the Orinoco goose (Neochen jubata), the giant Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria), the Scarlet Ibis of breathtaking colors, the foreboding Horned Screamer (Anhima cornuta) and the endless plethora of Caciques, Oropendolas and Tanagers make a Colombian Highlands Trips on the Plains, a truly remarkable experience. The constant clicking of your camera will provide you the satisfaction of living a true photo-safari.

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