The bio-geographical region of Chocó is home to the highest biodiversity in the planet. Many scientists and conservation societies understand this and have pledged to ensure its protection.

The bio-geographical terrain of Chocó extends more than 1,300 kilometers, starting in the south, by the country of Ecuador, all the way to Panama, in the north. The region comprises of approximately 360,000 hectares of mangroves and coastal sediment habitats.

Stunning jungles of Amazonian type range from ground level to a thousand meters high, and occasionally grow into and merge with deep ocean water. Several species of whales traverse the area every year in their migratory course. This region holds the highest rainfall record worldwide; more than 9,000 mm of precipitation a year create a perfect condition of superabundance in its charted territory.

The Colombian Pacific is also one of the least populated regions in the country. Most of the population are African descendent, and have preserved the African heritage and traditions, eventually combining theirs with indigenous and European origins, resulting in a unique cultural, gastronomic and musical blend.

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