Pacific Coast, the Most Biodiverse in the World

Choco’s Biogeographic Region by having the highest biodiversity on the planet is where many scientists and conservationists are focusing on ensuring its protection.

The Biogeographic Choco expands more than 1,300 kilometers from the south in Ecuador to Panama in the north and has one of the most important marine ecosystems in the Americas. It is a region of approximately 360,000 hectares of mangroves with stunning jungles of Amazonian type ranging from zero to one thousand meters in height and merging with the ocean deep-water and frequently visited by different species of whales year after year. This region has the highest rainfall records worldwide with more than 9,000 mm of precipitation a year, which provides the perfect condition for superabundance in its covered territory.

The Colombian Pacific is one of the least populated regions of the country but with Black descendants who have been able to preserve African heritage and traditions and eventually merged theirs with those of the indigenous and European origins, resulting in possessing unique culture, food, and music .

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