About Barichara



ALTITUDE: 1.336 masl.

Favored by filmmakers and amateur photographers alike, Barichara is a perfectly preserved example of traditional colonial architecture set amid the stunning mountains.

The town’s narrow streets are lined with colonial era facades featuring bare adobe walls and clay roof tiles that glow in the rich Santander sun. While on weekends it is a popular destination with national travelers, visit during the week and you’ll have the town to yourself to explore at your own pace and set up your tripod for that perfect hot.

Barichara is also known for its fine dining options with several top eateries around town serving up hearty traditional local cuisine including carne oreada, roast goat and the region’s most famous culinary export – hormigas culonas  (fat-assed ants). You can eat the crunchy insects by themselves or reinvented in a variety of gourmet dishes.

While it’s difficult to leave the charm of Barichara, the area surrounding the town is full of fascinating activities and hikes, including the three hour trek along the old royal road to the tiny village of Guane.

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