Amazon, lungs of the world

Visiting the Amazon is like walking the path in the footsteps of the famous explorers such as Humboldt, Wallace, Shultes and more recently, Davis and his famous book “El Rio”. The Colombian Amazon possesses 420.000 square kilometers of jungles, untouched by man where they shelter one of the largest genetic banks of vegetables and animal species from the Tropic.

Promoting ecotourism in this region might guarantee the Amazonian forests from getting destroyed by the big mining companies, the industrial, agricultural businesses, and the cattle ranchers. The ecotourism is one of the economies that complies with the principles of sustainability and could be the way to safeguard this amazing bio-geographical area on our planet from harm and damage.

The Colombian Amazon is rich in ecosystem diversity and between the savannah and the jungles one would be able to find the most intricate ecosystems formed by the ancient mountains of Chiribiquete, Naquén and the presence of the Escudo Guyanés, which paints the most exclusive characteristics in the Amazon jungles.

The Amazon is the pinnacle of adventurers who wish to have thrilling and rewarding contact with the nature in its extreme. Visitors to this region experience the feeling of liveliness of our planet. Nobody should miss the lifetime opportunity to visit this phenomenon region at least once.

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