Trudging the Amazon is akin to following the footsteps of famous adventurers, such as Alexander Von Humboldt, Alfred R. Wallace, Richard E. Schultes and, more recently, Wade Davis, author of the best seller One River. The Colombian Amazon is 420,000 square kilometers of undisturbed jungles, free of any kind of pollution. It guards one of the largest genetic banks of vegetables, birds and vertebrae animal species from all around the Tropic. 

The promotion of ecotourism in the region guarantees the preservation of the Amazonian forests from big mining companies, industrial and agricultural activities, and cattle ranchers. Ecotourism is one of the largest economical activities that comply with the principles of sustainability. There is no doubt that it could help safeguard this unpolluted paradise from human settlements and further colonization.

The richly diverse Colombian Amazon and its union with the Savannah and other landscapes form some of the most intricate ecosystems in the planet. The Chiribiquete National Park, the Naquen Mountain Range and the Guiana Shield Highlands are some of the most distinctive landmarks within the Colombian Amazon jungle.

This amazing, unpolluted jungle is the true pinnacle of adventure; it allows thrilling and rewarding contact with nature in its extreme. Visitors to the Amazonian Basin experience the feeling of true liveliness in our planet; there’s a reason the massive jungle has been named The Lung of The World. Nobody should miss the lifetime experience to visit this phenomenal wonder.

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