Colombian Highlands Tours & Expeditions (RNT 11684) is a Travel Agency Operator founded in 2004 by a Colombian biologist Oscar Gilède with over 25 years of experience in Ecology Research, Travel Expeditions and Ecotourism. Our agency is specialized in Nature Tourism.

We provide memorable expeditions and trips into wondrous destinations; cultural tours and visits to beautiful historical sites; breathtaking beaches with crystal clear water; undisturbed jungles that date back centuries ago; Flora and Fauna watching tours, Photo Safaris, Mountain Trips in the Colombian Andes; and a myriad of natural wonders just waiting for your arrival. And if you’re looking for a boost of adrenaline, we have plenty of adventure sports that you will surely enjoy. We also offer the Transfers service to the airport or between cities for your peace of mind.
We guarantee that all of our outdoor tours and trips are carried out with outmost respect and a responsible approach toward our natural resources. We have a very professional crew and aim to preserve the safety of our flora and fauna, as well as educate and promote the safekeeping of the natural resources this unique country has to offer.

We create Tailor-made trips according to your preferences, interests and tastes, as well as your budget and time available to travel. Allow us to plan a relaxing and memorable vacation for you and your loved ones. Buckle up! There’s a magical adventure and experience waiting for you.

Why Choose Us?


Tailor made trips are our area of expertise. Adhering to your budget, time and availability. We design a fulfilling and satisfying agenda, which goes over and beyond your expectations.

Our personalized attention guarantees a memorable trip, tour or expedition in Colombia. Combining lodging, guide, transport and tours that adapt to the preferences and budget that you require. We strive to design safe trips with a low environmental impact and that are sustainable for the regions we visit.


Our profound knowledge of the country, its routes, history, culture and natural resources, along with highly-trained personnel that provide modern touristic facilities, and over 15 years of experience in touristic enterprises, provide Colombian Highlands the solvency to guarantee an excellent service for your trips in Colombia.


Each one of the offered sites and activities in Colombia are representative of a background story that encompasses unique characteristics, thus making the tour, trip or expedition unforgettable experience. The Landmarks, Nature, Architecture, History and Legends are our cornerstones when choosing a travel that will be interesting and attractive to you.


It is of utmost importance to us that you receives attention from qualified and reliable personnel who will provide assistance in case of eventuality or accident. Our line of attention is open 24/7 to emergency situations. We become a constant companion from our office during your stay and trip in Colombia, in order to provide a prompt assistance to every need that may emerge.

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