Andes, Home of the Condor

The Andes Mountains is the longest continental mountain range in the world. The mountain range of the Andes in Colombia is the most unusual in all South America. Andes range in the south region of Colombia starts as a single mountain range in the Nariño Department. This area called “Colombian Massif”, also known as Nudo de Amaguer, the mountain range splits into two ranges which it channels major flow of water in its valley.

In the region of Cauca the Andes split again into three mountain ranges with two massive valleys, creating gigantic conduits for the Magdalena and Cauca rivers. These rivers run parallel to the mountains within all the territories from South to North of Colombia and before depleting in the Caribbean seas. The west and the central mountain ranges fade away in the Savannahs of Caribbean and the east mountain range extends into Venezuela.

In the Colombian Andes exist all types of imaginable temperatures and climate zones, from the volcanic peaks covered with snow to the warm desserts and jungles of the inter-Andean valleys with exuberating plains just at the foothill of the mountains in the region of Choco and the Amazon.

North East Andes – Central Andes – South Andes


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