The Caribbean: a true paradise of white sandy beaches like no other place on Earth. One of the reasons the biogeography in this region is unique is that it holds every type of climate environment. Not only that, it also proudly boasts the world’s highest mountain by the sea (at 5,771 meters high).

The sands of a golden desert in the northern section are home to flocks of flamingo that thrive in salt marshes and mangroves. One the most important coral reefs in the world circle the Caribbean underwater and are perfect for scuba diving sports. There are innumerable rainforests and dry woods that shelter a staggering amount of wildlife, even endemic species. Bird lovers all over the world gather here to enjoy this rare opportunity and, in their own words, go crazy!

The legendary walled cities of Cartagena and Mompós, declared World Heritage Sites; Santa Marta, first Spanish settlement in the country; and Barranquilla, home to the world renowned and mesmerizing Carnival, welcome throngs of fascinated tourists from every country in the world.

Another preferred location to visit is the second largest archeological discovery in the Americas: Ciudad Perdida (or The Lost City). The traditional cultures known as Kogüi and Arhuaco have taken upon themselves the safekeeping of the ancient traditions of the long lost tribes of the Taironas and preserving the treasures of their civilization. This area is, in a nutshell, a one-of-a-kind, majorly uncharted Caribbean coast that spawns over 1,600 kilometers, just waiting to be explored.

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