Caribbean, Reverie Beaches

“Caribe” is indisputably the region for perfect and unsurpassed white sandy beaches. This region has a very particular biogeography, starting with the virtue of having the world’s highest mountain by the sea (5,771 m) and creating all kinds of possible climatic environments. A golden sandy desert in the north of the region, where you can see flocks of flamingos in salt marshes and where mangroves grow. Coral reefs perfect for diving. And rain or dry forests with great number of birds, many of them are endemic where the bird watchers enjoy the experience and go crazy.

Visitors from all over the world come to visit the legendary and historical cities such as Cartagena and Mompós which have been declared as World Heritage Sites, to Santa Marta which was the first city to be founded in Colombia, and Barranquilla with it’s amazing world renowned “Carnaval de Barranquilla”. Not to mention, the second largest archaeological zone in the Americas known as Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). Also in this region are traditional cultures such as Kogüis and Arhuacos. These cultures have been keeping ancient traditions of the Tayronas and safeguarding the Ciudad Perdida. In another words we are talking about one of a kind Caribbean coast that expands for more than 1,600 kilometers and inclined to be explored.

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