The Mountain trip through the Muisca’s trails

This traverse through Inter-Andean Mountains and 


Expedition from the Andes to The Great Savannah

Our expedition from the Andes down to the Vale is a fantastic 

Mountain Trips

Summit in Cerro Mavecure, background Cerro Pajarito, Guainia, Colombia walking tour with Colombian Highlands

If you’re up for the most incredible experience of a lifetime, come and explore one of the many adventure sports and trips Colombian Highlands has to offer:

An incredible mountain trip that trails along the indigenous paths of the Muisca and Guane tribes in Villa de Leyva.

The breathtaking Chicamocha Canyon located in Barichara, Jordan, and Guane.

The long forgotten Lost City. Explore the uncharted territories of the Kogi and Arhuaco cultures, amongst the sky peaks of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The beautiful trails of Sierra Nevada of El Cocuy; a National Park that proudly boasts of snow-peaked mountains and natural lakes.

Each of these mountain trails are located in wondrous settings and combine the adrenaline of an adventure sport with a deep and profound learning of the cultural and historical background of Colombia within these mystical regions.

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