About The Caribbean

POPULATION: 160 pop/km²



The city of Cartagena is one of the most coveted and visited destinations in the world. A hallmark resort for tourists and travelers in Colombia, Colombian Highlands includes this emblematic city hailed by UNESCO.

To tour its historical center and visit some of its most representative manors, castles, holds, churches and monasteries is like going back in time to the colonial and conquest era to try and imagine the circumstances that brought together indigenous people, African-descendants and Spaniards to create a unique lifestyle.

Beyond Cartagena and other cities like Santa Marta, the Caribbean offers a staggering amount of tour sites, from beautiful white beaches to mangroves, impenetrable jungles, deserts and a myriad of indigenous settlements that strive to maintain their traditional lifestyle, such as the well-known Marhuamake and Nabuzimake settlements close to Valledupar.

The natural appeal of the Caribbean is varied and constantly changing, such as the Tayrona National Park, where beaches, jungles and archeological areas weave nature’s exuberance into the land’s fascinating culture and history. To the north is the Guajira peninsula where the landscape contrasts drastically between humongous cacti in desert areas with coastal lagoons thick with estuaries and mangroves where agile flamencos hunt their prey in shallow waters. Farther to the north the desert becomes more and more rugged until it reaches the Macuira Ridge that rises 864 meters above sea level. Its altitude allows the Ridge to capture the humidity from the sea and create an immense oasis with waterslides and wells ideal to bathe and refresh after the blistering desert heat.

The Colombian Caribbean coast is an endless wonder of unimaginable natural and cultural beauties, a natural pleasure cruise. Lose yourself in one of the most exotic white sand beaches you have ever set your feet upon and enjoy the vacations you always dreamed of.

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