About Amazon

POPULATION: 2.1 pop/km²



Our experience in the Colombian Amazon is not limited to the city of Leticia and its port, but expands to the Amazonian region. The Amazons encompass a fourth part of the country, where our destinations seem to date back in time to the beginning of days, without the rush of mass tourism. Examples of real jungles are found in the Departments of Vaupés, Guaviare & Guainía, as well as around the capital cities of Mitú, San José de Guaviare & Puerto Inírida. They are truly unimaginable places with pristine, virgin nature surrounded by unique and varied geography. The Escudo Guyanes mountain range produces an isolated terrain of distinctive monoliths, tepuis and steep-walled areas that contrast heavily with the monotone jungles of lower Colombia that grow adjacent to the Amazon river.

This is the reason our tours and travels to the Amazonian jungles are called Expeditions, as Colombian Highlands steers off the common roads to immerse in a region where researchers have been fascinated by the unparalleled and immense terrain known as the South American Amazon.

Mavecure hills, Bocón Canyon, the Orinoco Estrella Fluvial (Riverine Star) of Guainía, Nuevo Tolima Mountains, Ciudad de Piedra (Stone City), Orión Gate, the Natural Bridges of Guaviare, the Guacamayas Mountain Range, the rivers Vaupés, Cananarí or Apaporis and the Morroco Mountains in Vaupes are some of the sites we commonly visit in our adventurous expeditions to unleash the adventurer within us. Hiking these ancestral and indigenous-community ceremonial sites –some as ancient as 2,500 years of traditional use, is an extraordinary travel experience.

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