Due to its massiven natural richness, Colombia is considered to be one of the most mega-diverse countries in the world. Our unique species of animals are one of the many reasons people visit our country. Colombia ranks first in the world for number of birds (1.885) and amphibians (763), second in plant life (41.000), third in reptiles (524) and fourth in mammals (479); and it is a country with almost 2.000 other unique or endemic species.

Some of our best-known local animals are the ant bear, tapir, jaguar, armadillo, capybara and the anaconda, the various species of monkeys, opossums, bats, hummingbirds, tanagers.

Colombia’s native animals can often be difficult to spot in the wild, but you are guaranteed to see some of them in our nationals parks and Sanctuaries of Flora and Fauna across our regional areas. These include the National Parks Tayrona, Macuira, Tuparro, Cocuy, Los Nevados, Bahia Solano, Chingaza, Amacayacu and the following Sanctuaries Iguaque, Flamengos, La Corota, Otun Quimbaya, and amongst others.

Colombian Highlands are the tailor-made specialists, providing fantastic opportunities to see wildlife around Colombia.

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