The Colombian central Andes has a particular attraction; it is the shortest mountain range, but with some of the highest snowcap peaks. This mountain range has a volcanic origin that created rich soil in the surrounding land fields in the region for which this region is well known for growing the softest coffee beans in the world. The variety of the landscape makes this region worthy of being declared “Human Heritage” site and called by the UNESCO as the “Coffee’s Cultural Landscape”.

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Going through the beautiful farm lands that are full of birdlife species makes one feel like being conveyed into a different world. Valleys covered with palm trees, some more than 80 meters high, isolated monoliths such as the ones in Guatapé and the traditional towns like Salento, Finlandia, or Santa Fe de Antioquia offer supreme and colorful compositions in the company of warm and friendly people, known as “Paisas”, which make this region a place that you don’t want to miss.

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