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In recent years Colombia has become a magnet for travelers coming to South America. With beautiful rainforest, mountains and beaches, lively cities and enchanting colonial towns, Colombia is not to be missed. Colombia is know for its well educated, polite and friendly citizenry and for many visitors the highlight of their trip is conversing with locals and getting to see the country in a different light.

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Colombians are passionate about their country and want to you to enjoy it, willing to share bottle of “aguardiente” or teach a few salsa moves and always with a warm smile.

Colombia is a country possessing incredibly strong regional identities that have been created by the historical isolation of one area from another and in turn accentuated by waves of varied immigration into the country. This said there’s a feast of regional identities ranging from the Caribbean to the Andean, Llanero, Paisa and Chocoano.

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