Villa de Leyva Boyaca has conserved his old colonial style and also has a bunch of great places of interest, such as indigene ruins, paleontological discoveries and unique natural zones.At Iguaque National Park, visitors can hike up a mountain to find Iguaque Lake at 3.700m.o.s.l.(origin of civilization), a ceremonial place for the Muiscas and basis of the “El Dorado Leyend”. In this “Flora & Fauna Sanctuary” hikers can explore different ecosystems. Also making this an ideal place for bird watching.

What’s more is that recent archaelogical discoveries have un earthed dinosour bones from the Jurassic & Cretaceous period. These evidences of prehistoric times are on display at “El Fosil” and the “Paleontological Museum” of the National University.

Two days are simply not enough to enjoy & taste this magical land. This region is densly packed with geologic formations; like the “Angel Step” a natural bridge, 30cm wide between two canyons. For cave explores “La Romera” is a 100m gallery, that can be reached by rappelling, rock & tree climbing. Canyoning is also practiced here amongst 112 waterfalls with the largest offering an 80m descent.

Also, take the time to visit other nearby towns & places like “Raquira”, a town filled with ceramic art and the “Terracotta House” (Casa de Barro). Visit the monastery of “La Candelaria” or “El Santo Eccehomo” where old catholic traditions are still practiced.

Enjoy a multicultural, bohemian environment, excellent museums, galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs and festivals all year.

Villa de Leyva is not just a colonial villege, it’s much more!, explore it!


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Parties and Festivals during the year in Villa de Leyva

Febrary: Astronomic Festival
March-April: Easter Week, Antique Music Congregation
May: Encounter Knowledge and Flavors
June: Birthday of Villa de Leyva & The Original Farmers Market

July: Popular Party of the Virgin of Carmen, Equine Exposure
August: Kite Festival (Festival del Viento y las Cometas)
September: Film Festival

October: Tree Festival (Botanic Exhibition)
November: Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
December: Fireworks Festival (Festival de Luces)

(you must to confirm the officials dates with the organization and the City Consul)

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