Colombia has been recognized as a country with the most diverse ecosystems representing the largest number of species per area unit, worldwide, transforming the country into the “Mecca” for ecotourism. Colombia’s white sandy beaches alongside the bordering jungles, deep forested mountains, some with snowcaps, breath taking deserts; rich valleys and countless rivers, endless savannahs sprayed with wetlands and river streams; the islands of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean with their amazingly colorful coral reefs, and the Amazon jungles, invite and draw countless number of adventure and nature loving tourist to this beautiful paradise where they explore its many beauties and take unforgettable memories back with them.

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Colombia’s deep cultural history holds a fascinating background for which many of the ancient cultures and traditions still exist intact. In the historic towns and cities of Colombia you will find people as very kind, often smiling, and always ready and willing to help others. For these and other fundamental reasons Colombia has been considered as one the “happiest country” in the world by Happy Planet.

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