[box] We are a group of hostels located around Colombia that offer comfort, security, up to date information and friendly social environment. We love Colombia. Our aim is to make sure you get the most out of your Colombian experience. You can book ahead at Colombia’s most popular hostels using the “Pay Here Sleep There system“[/box]
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Colombian Highlands – Villa de Leyva

Kasa Guane – Bucaramanga

Macondo – San Gil

Sam´s VIP – San Gil

The Cranky Croc – Bogotá

Hostal Sue – Bogotá

Masaya – Bogotá

Fatima – Bogotá

Destino Nómada – Bogotá

Alegría’s – Bogotá

Iku Hostel -Bogotá


[/tab] [tab]

Buddha Hostel – Medellín

Casa Kiwi – Medellín

Mountain Hostel – Manizales – Zona Cafetera

Hacienda Venecia – Near Manizales – Zona Cafetera

Casa Quimbaya – Armenia – Zona Cafetera

[/tab] [tab]

Iguana – Cali

El Maco Finca Ecológica – San Agustín

The Humpback Turtle – Bahía Solano
Hostal Real – Cartagena

Hostal San Roque – Cartagena

Villa Colonial – Cartagena

El Viajero Hostels – Cartagena / San Andrés
Aluna – Santa Marta
La Brisa Loca – Santa Marta

Casa Loma – Minca

The Dreamer Hostel – Santa Marta

Jaguar Azul – Palomino

Casa de Felipe – Taganga

Tortuga Hostel – Taganga
[/tab] [tab]Maloca Napu – Puerto Nariño[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

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