Santuario de Flora y Fauna de Iguaque

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Temporarily Closed –  Ecological Hiking Tour from high Andean jungle (2,900 meters above sea level) toParamo –a common Colombian Andean ecosystem.

The hiking tours allows for the observation of vegetation changes and the flora and fauna diversity in the region. At the end of the hike is the Sacred Iguaque Lagoon, a breathtaking landscape of glacier origin and cradle of the Muisca Confederation. During the observation of the Lagoon, the Iguaque and Bachue legend is recounted.

High-demand hiking trip with an elevation difference of around 1,000 meters and ending at 3,700 meters above sea level. Suitable for people in good health and fitness conditions, even for mature travelers up to 70 years old. 50-minute car ride per route. Average hike duration of 6 to 7 hours. Departure time: 7:30 to 8:00 AM. Please take notice that Parks doesn’t allow admission to the grounds after 10:00 AM, that being the main reason for an early departure. Cold weather with high probability of downpours. Adequate clothes and trekking shoes are a must.

Note: Mature travelers or hikers interested in wildlife spotting will not be required to hike to the lagoon; the tour will be performed around the administrative center, camping grounds and areas of accommodation and restaurant, including a climb from the main road towards the lagoon up to a point deemed reasonable. This tour allows the viewing of high Andean jungle flora and fauna.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION: Hotel –Villa de Leyva Hotel.

DEPARTURE TIME: 8 AM, please be ready to depart 10 minutes before the aforementioned time.

INCLUDED: Professional guide, accident insurance, transport hotel-sanctuary-hotel, beverages and snacks.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance fees, Guide gratuity, Bilingual Guide (Additional Cost, options: English & French. Ask for the price).


Please note that any tour must be booked in advance to ensure the availability of guides.
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7:30AM o 8AM. Pickup at your hotel.

9AM. Check-in at the park administration.

9AM – 12M. Constant upward hike at leisure speed with recurrent stops for nature spotting and resting.

12M. Around midday we will reach Iguaque Sacred Lagoon to contemplate the scenery, listen to the Lagoon’s legend, and enjoy a delightful snack while having a brief respite from the hike.

1PM. Initiate descent towards the administrative center.

4PM. Transportation will be waiting to take us back to Villa de Leyva.

5PM. End of the tour at your hotel.


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