Andes mountain range in Colombia is called the “Colombian Massif”. This is where the Andes depart the last stretch of the mountain range within this region. In its pathway it contains unique ecosystems as well as towns, cities and evidences of the existence of our forefathers that have not been fully discovered as of yet.

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The southern region of Colombia is very traditional and authentic. The city of Pasto is famous for the Human Herritage carnival of “Blancos y Negros”, the Cocha lagoon where you can find tiny islands such as La Corota, and the entrance to the Amazon through the city of Mocoa; The archeological ruins of San Agustín and Tierra Adentro, the colonial city of Popayán with perfect white walls, and Cali, the world capital of Salsa. Without a doubt, this region has the most generous natural, historical, and cultural attractions.

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