Plains, The Great Savanna

The enormous Colombian Savannah with 230.000 square kilometers is undoubtedly one of the most unknown territories in the country. With similar characteristics of African savannah’s grass covered land but with a lot of variances in flora and fauna along a series of specifics ecosystems in Morichales, Esteros, Galería’s jungles, woodlands and Caños which cannot be found in any other landscapes. There is also an isolated mountain called La Macarena where you can find the most beautiful rivers on the planet, “Caño Cristales”.

The Llanos are by far the most suitable areas for fauna observation where they have unique characteristics different from the rest of the country. Low population level and minimal building development in the region have been the perfect allies for saving the ecosystems from human harmful activities; hence its fauna remains undisturbed.

A good pair of binoculars and photo camera are the perfect tools for immersing into the South America fauna, were pumas, foxes, deer, ant-bears, capybaras, alligators, otters and of course thousands of birds, become the main characters of a great photo Safari.

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